An Online Course for Devotional Love, Embodiment and Feminine Grit

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What does 'Sisu' mean?

Sisu is a Finnish word meaning extraordinary determination and grit. It's the very ingredient missing from so many feminine embodiment teachings.

Yes, we are energy, we are creative, we are colorful, we are flowing. And we need a strong AF capacity to hold all of our own energy. We need resilience. Self-husbanding. Strength. Gritty, juicy devotion.

Sisu is what is missing when it comes to love because living as a Feminine creature is not for the half-hearted.

It is the path of the courageous. It takes Joan-of-Arc-Level bravery to reveal your heart, remain devoted to Love more than humans themselves, stay in uncomfortable situations and feel what you feel while making room for bigger truths to exist.

The Sisu Society is a new world we're creating where closed-heartedness is a thing of the past. We open to ourselves, we open to other and we open to life.



You resonate?

  • You're exhausted with waking up every morning wondering if you'll end the day with crossed arms and a fed-up heart
  • You're constantly in-between a state of repressing and exploding emotion
  • You hear the words "sacred seductress" and "sacred brat" and your entire body lights up with curiosity
  • You know there are more parts of you to reveal but you're in a daily loop only expressing one "side" of yourself
  • You're tired of emasculating the one you love
  • You crave to have a partner (whether you're single or in a relationship) that can meet you spiritually and emotionally
  • You wonder daily if you're "too much" or "not enough"
  • You feel a 13-year-old girl within you, still waiting to have her needs validated and voice heard


An Online Course for Devotional Love, Embodiment and Feminine Grit

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Is the way of Sisu for you?

  • Are you ready to commit to feeling ALL THE FEELS, including heartbreak, pleasure, creation, destruction, elation, pain, and everything in between?
  • Are you interested in learning how to feel what you feel while also summoning bravery when needed?
  • Are you desiring a safe haven for revealing your personal truth while also learning about the greater collective?
  • Do you want to learn about many topics including devotional love, relationships, partnerships, feminine and masculine, shadow sides, human design, kundalini practices, embodiment, creativity and more?
  • Are you frustrated by your ability to have all the ideas but you lack on the follow-through?
  • Do you often feel there’s no time to read all the books and do all the courses, so you wish someone else could break it down for you?
  • "Working with Madelyn has been life-changing. I went from barely feeling my emotions to being able to tap into the depths of my body and viscerally feel my feelings. What's even more amazing is that I'm now WILLING to feel my feelings. I hadn't allowed myself to cry in front of others in almost a decade... and the other day, I openly cried in front of my powerlifting coach at the gym. Wow. By feeling the full depths of my emotions, I've become much more comfortable with open, vulnerable communication, where I am comfortable revealing my truth to others. Madelyn's a true light, and I would recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to deeply get in touch with their bodies and emotions.

    - Melody C, Life Coach



    • 17 pre-recorded classes with luscious embodiment practices to engage both your Feminine and Masculine (see below for sample content)
    • A "buffet" of diverse teachings from Madelyn's various lineages in her 10+ years of practice and study
    • Guided Embodiment Practices to help you meet parts of yourself you've never felt before.
    • A living, breathing resource list of books and practices for strengthening devotion, embodiment and inner will.
    • Lifetime access to all the lessons in the archives.
    • Unconventional tools to help you move from your head and into your body.
    • Wisdom for healthier relating (from gene keys to nonviolent communication to tantra to plant healing)



    How to Give the *Love* You Never Received

    • Finally *nail* the single way you stop the flow of love, over and over
    • Learn the correlation between the partners you choose and your primary caregivers
    • Learn to take back the reins and give this kind of love you never received, leading to a more fulfilling life.

    Deciphering between Wounded & Pure Masculine & Feminine

    • Learn the differences between the wounded feminine/masculine and the pure feminine/masculine
    • Gain insight into whether or not you have lingering wounded behaviors (we all do!) and how to transition them into the light

    Womb & Blood Cycle Tracking

    • Learn a life-changing method for planning your month using your blood cycle
    • Begin to organize each month depending on when you’ll naturally be the most productive, creative, reflective and expressive

    Holy Love Making

    • Move through a sensual embodiment practice that will bring God into your s*x
    • Rest into the arms of the Divine, letting him penetrate and open *whatever is present* that day
    • Gain a practice you can do each and every day to further deepen your relationship with the Divine through your s*xuality

    Discover Your Erotic Blueprint with Eroticism Leader Genevieve

    • Find out which of the five erotic blueprints you have
    • Get a delicious taste of each one of these flavors and how they move through your body
    • Dive into sexual shame and how you can free your spirit from the confines of sexual dogma and repression

    The Feminine Art of Revealing

    • Watch Madelyn and Men’s Coach Dominick Quartuccio demo “feminine revealing” in real time
    • View several women embody their own expressions of the feminine with Dominick in a held container
    • Learn from Dominick how the Feminine impacts the Masculine’s nervous system

    The Heroine’s Journey

    • Discover the 9 phases each Heroine’s must traverse
    • Learn how the goddess Inanna’s descent into the underworld applies to your own journeys into the darkness
    • Leave with a writing prompt to turn one of your Heroine’s Journeys into a story



    MARYA STARK: this ethereal musician, goddess and creative (seriously, find her on Spotify!) will teach you how to live in rhythm with the four distinct phases of your month dependent on your womb and cycle. It doesn't matter whether or not you're still bleeding: you are called to listen to the whispers of your womb.

    GENEVIEVE GENEVIEVE: Did you know there are five different types of erotic energies and by knowing your distinct flavor, you can harness your sensual power in all aspects of life? Curious what it would be like to constantly be turned on and receiving pleasure? This erotic queen will show you how.

    DOMINICK QUARTUCCIO: You may have heard about polarity and feminine revealing, but what does that actually look like in relationship? Dominick and I will demonstrate a hot and steamy polarity practice for you -- followed by others giving it a go with him! Learn the art of revealing and practice yourself, whether you're single or in partnership.

    LAURA ZEIGLER: When's the last time you slowed down with your body? How often do you massage your vessel, rock yourself into gentleness and touch your skin with loving-kindness? Thai massage therapist & yoga teacher Laura Zeigler brings you a self-care practice that will shift your entire week in one hour.


    Are you ready to feel pleasure pulsing through your body?

    Bravely hold your own emotional wildness?

    Harmonize masculine structure with feminine openness?

    Create love despite any situation you're given?




    Get started now!

    "Madelyn has this incredible ability to embody all of what she teaches. She makes it OK to have multiple sides to yourself. She made me understand that this is part of being human. My mind really liked to try and explain away things… to think in very black or white terms. Madelyn helped me understand that we are made up of deliciously contradictory dualities, and most importantly, we are not wrong for being this way. I now know that “negative” thoughts and positive thoughts can exist at the same time, that I can strangely both feel calm and angry at the same time, that I can be crying in one moment and laughing In the next…This may seem like a simple concept but it is not easy to dismantle the stories we tell ourselves about how we should feel, should act, should exist in this word. Madelyn shows up in her wise, compassionate and loving way and helps you give yourself permission to fully be yourself. I am grateful to have had her by my side during this journey to find myself."

    - Esma Kirim, Creativity Coach


    "Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it."

    — Buddha

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When does the course start and finish?
    This is a self-guided journey that starts as soon as you enroll. It is oriented to an 8 month journey, but you're invited to take it at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to visit and revisit these teachings for years to come.
    There are a million group coaching programs! Why join this one?
    Maddy Moon has been teaching for 8 years, and has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into her own embodiment practices, education and coaching abilities. When you join the Sisu Society, you not only access her knowledge but all that she has accumulated from working with teachers all over the world.
    How does this compare to her 1:1 coaching?
    Maddy's 1:1 coaching is an emotional, physical and energetic investment that ranges from $350 - $16,000. This program was created so that those who wanted to work more closely with her could do so, but without making the highest investment she offers. That said, if you're in the Sisu Society you receive a nifty discount on her coaching packages.
    What's the difference between this and her podcast?
    Great question! Her podcast is a free resource for those who desire weekly insight, but not the embodiment practices or personal attention. In the group coaching, Maddy offers embodiment practices, breath work, archetype movement and deeper lessons (with q&a). Bluntly said, you will actively be coached and led through practices in the Sisu Society and not in her podcast.
    Is there a refund policy?
    This course is non-refundable.

    Your Instructor

    Madelyn Moon
    Madelyn Moon

    Madelyn Moon is a walking permission slip: committed to radical truth telling in her top 50 ranked podcast, coaching practice and her various teaching platforms.

    Her soul, being both really old and quite young at the same time, allows her to access wisdom beyond the present society and catalyze it into digestible, earthy knowledge for modern women and men.

    Madelyn is on a spiritual quest to reveal the art of embodying opposite elements across every spectrum: water with fire, mystical with realism, alchemy with presence, alpha with omega, and light with dark. She knows there is no better metamorphosis than that of learning to welcome the entire human experience.

    While the shedding of a skin may be a deep process, there is no need to make it so serious. Madelyn believes humor is one of the highest levels of spirituality and is committed to revealing how spirituality can be rich with pleasure, play, sensuality, intimacy and innate freedom.