Create Your Own Feminine Flow, Fire and Freedom

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For modern day, do-it-all women, it’s a revolutionary concept to stop doing it all, make space to feel your feelings and honor the entire process—as messy as it is.

You’re not here to do it all. You’re not here to find some mysterious purpose you don’t know about yet. You’re not here to please others. You’re not here to do anything.

You are here to be.



...Within your body is a limitless capacity to feel pleasure at any moment?

...Giving up control isn’t as life-threatening as it seems?

...You’re not here to have your shit together?

...Your emotions are your greatest guru and spiritual teacher?

...Your identity crisis is a gift that takes you further from ego and closer to the Divine?

...The disconnect you feel to your sexuality and body is not only normal—but beautiful—and there’s something we can do about it?

...By deciding to heal your wounds, you’re healing tens of thousands of women who had wounds before you?

...You are a Feminine Creature, no matter what your past, limiting beliefs or self-judgment says?


I understand your pain, my love.

You may feel unable to “let go”of control and let someone else take the reins (because they won’t be able to do it as RIGHT as you can!).

You may feel resentment that you never had examples growing up of what healthy feminine and masculine energies look like. You may feel frustrated that you’ve done so much work and you've invested so much money but you’re still here, looking for answers to feeling your feminine spirit.

Your desires are heard. Your pain is felt. Your needs are valid.

Welcome to the... 👇🏼💦🌈✨🔥👇🏼



Create Your Own Feminine Flow, Fire and Freedom

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  • Wants to stop repressing their messier bits (you know what I’m talking about—anger, jealousy, rage, fear, obsession, neediness, frustration) and instead learn how to embrace them for even DEEPER freedom
  • Desires to live their life more in their body and less in their head
  • Is committed to doing the “work” and won’t let this be another program they buy but don’t follow through with
  • Is happy to put aside the end-all-be-all quest for purpose (as if it’s some thing out there), and instead, learn how to feel purposeful in every moment.
  • Is ready to open, reveal and surrender their heart to THEMSELVES first and foremost so that they can begin to open to others
  • Knows that feeling uncomfortable is the pathway to the HIGHEST, most divine level of growth possible.

"Through questioning and re-evaluating my beliefs, I awakened into my truest self. I am now confident in my ability to hold space for my wounds, my vulnerabilities, my backslides, my deepest desires, my pleasure, my every whim, and I owe that beautiful freedom to Maddy. She was my most personalized, most supportive and nurturing, yet critical and thought-provoking teacher. She pushed me and challenged me and created space for me in ways that are nonpareil. I am eternally grateful!!!

- Sami G



  • 8 deep weeks focusing on: the Feminine and Masculine energies, sensuality, sexuality, surrendering, opening, shadow work, nature, healing family wounds, boundary setting, breathwork, creative writing, movement practices, connecting with Mother Earth and above all, discovering your truth.
  • 2 Q&A Zoom Calls (on Sundays) with Maddy to get your lingering questions answered in a personal way.
  • FOREVER access to the program-- do it as many times as you'd like!
  • A Private Facebook Community for connecting with like-minded soul sisters-- we're bringing the same quality of deep friendships that are formed at retreats into the online space!
  • Transformative growth that will feel both like a confrontational truth and a warm Welcome Home hug.
  • Worksheets for every module that will require loving discipline and follow through.
  • Assignments that will invite you to leave your comfort zone and go out into the world!

"Maddy was a rock that provided support, but also provided softness to guide me allow my journey. This guidance led to valuable insights and knowledge I now have around the feminine and provided the ability to explore the depths of my own femininity safely. Her ability to navigate between her own masculine and feminine energies is so profound "

- Savannah H.

Course Mockup An 8-Week Journey to RECLAIMING Your Feminine Fire, OWNING your Shadow Side, Embodying Love and Releasing The {Perfectionistic} Need to Do it All.

Course Curriculum

Your Instructor

Madelyn Moon
Madelyn Moon

Maddy Moon is a walking permission slip, soul igniter and devoted teacher.

Her mission is to see into the truth of those who are a full-body yes to releasing societal expectations, feel all the feels, soften into their being and acknowledge their deepest truth. Little excites her as much as helping “take charge” women with a black-and-white mentality (who of course are always on the go) learn how to soften into their Feminine Flow.

Her work and story has been featured in hundreds of podcasts as well as various publications such as The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Thought Catalog, Nylon Magazine, The Daily Mail, Vice, Greatist, Men’s Health, PEOPLE and ABC News Nightline.

Through her weekly podcast Mind Body Musings, online platform and ongoing retreats, thousands have come to self-reclamation and personal freedom. Are you next?



JOHN WINELAND: only the juicest, most present, inspiring men for you, my loves! John Wineland will be giving you a Sacred Masculine practice to strengthen your inner warrior, consciousness and depth.

ASHAE SUNDARA: the Queen of Self-Intimacy herself is here to share the gift of self-touch, curiosity and sovereignty. She will also be giving you the tools you need to have your own Sacred Breast Massage Practice at home for healing trauma, deepening your Feminine intuition and creating pleasure on the spot.

LILLIE LOVE: this Priestess of a human has a gift for healing ancestral wounding. Part of the inner work you are doing, by being in this course, involves all the women and men who have come before you. By separating their "stuff" from yours, you're going to be able to heal at an exponentially faster rate and meet the you underneath the you.

GEMMA DANIELLE: without a doubt, one of the most powerful "earth mamas" I know. This body worker has a gift for aiding you in meeting your inner child. Her gentle voice, loving energy and energetic touch (even online!) will soothe your soul, probably make you shed a tear or two, and rise up feeling even more liberated.



  • A deep-rooted knowing that the weight of the world is not meant to be carried on your shoulders.
  • A full-body YES to feeling pleasure in your holy vessel (aka that sassy body of yours)
  • Empowerment in using your sacred yes and sacred no.
  • A connection with your Inner Masculine Warrior and all that he entails: presence, boundaries, purpose, depth, space-holding and consciousness.
  • A fierce love for your Inner Feminine Queen and all that she brings: creativity, sensuality, love, open-heartedness, devotion and sovereignty.
  • An ability to be told “no” by others without shutting down—and to instead carry on with feeling bright, open and in love with life. Rejection will NO LONGER control your joy.
  • An ease when life brings you curveballs—and an intuitive knowing that everything will be okay no matter what (say hellooooo to inner peace, my love)

"Feminine Spirit School is a much-needed sacred space for every woman who is struggling to realize the divine feminine within. From spirituality to sexuality, Madelyn has covered all essential aspects of what it means to bloom as an empowered woman. Liberation of feminine will lead to liberation of masculine. And this course is a great step toward it!"

-Chandresh Bhardwaj, seventh generation spiritual advisor, speaker, and the author of the bestselling book and podcast, Break the Norms.

This is an intentionally and expertly outlined program with many countless gems, teachings and lessons Maddy Moon has absorbed in the years she’s invested in her own growth.

You’re not just receiving a course. You’re receiving hundreds of years and thousands of dollars worth of knowledge, wisdom and insight that’s been passed to Maddy from her teachers, her teacher’s teachers and so on.

You’re inheriting lessons that your body has always known, but has had trouble finding. Let’s bring it back to you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
One module will release per week for 8 weeks (with a "break week" halfway) and you will have forever access even once we have completed our time together.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Are there refunds?
Due to the sensitive online nature of the content and the desire to create a tight, consistent container for all attendees, there are no refunds on this course. Please send in your questions if you need clarification about anything before committing.
Do I need a Facebook to do the course?
No, the entire course is on this website! Facebook will be used for community, but the live calls are hosted on Zoom.
How is the content delivered?
To make it as easy as possible to listen whenever, wherever, this is primarily an audio-based course. That said, we do not suggest multi-tasking while diving into this sacred content. The more you slow down to tune in, the better.
Is this for course for women only or men too?
Even though I 110% want every human begin to create their own Feminine Spirit, this particular course is for women or women-identifying. Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions on this at all.
When is the last day to sign up?
Registration will close 7 PM EST Sunday, January 5th 2020 until the next registration period.
Is this course about relationships?
This program is about the most important relationship you have-- the one with YOURSELF. This program WILL affect all of your relationships, both current and future ones, as a byproduct, but our main focus will be looking at the Feminine and Masculine energies you have within yourself. Only once THIS is understood can you intentionally bring these dynamics into partnership.